Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Dear Reader,

1of3, movie poster or mini

 I have a very limited number of special, commemorative "1993 The Sandlot 2013" movie-posters  (28"X35") and mini-posters (9"X11") for sale.  And a very special (8"X10") "The Sandlot 20th Anniversary Tour" mini available.

The movie-sized posters are $40 each or all three for $100. Plus $10 shipping.

The mini-posters (9"X11") are $20 each or all three for $50. Plus $6 shipping.

The "20th Anniversary" mini-posters (8"X10") are $15 each. Plus $6 shipping.

If you would like to purchase one (or all!) drop me an email at:

My PAYPAL email address is:

Be sure to enter the address you'd like me to send them to, and to whom you would like them signed if you want them autographed.

Best as always,


2of3, movie poster or mini

3of3, movie poster or mini

Tour mini, 8"X10" only

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