Wednesday, April 10, 2013


DME's Sandlot Tour official road song


Dear Reader,

So we ended up having to stay in Memphis over 2 nights, because it took that long to fold 1,000 t-shirts. 

How we were going to get them all in the Tour Truckster was a baffling allocation-of-space-conundrum the likes of which would've driven a Hoarder with OCD (is that redundant?) to jump off a cliff.

T-Shirts awaiting folding
Suddenly, in a moment which can only be described as Shop-Vac like inspiration, Navigator Stacey yells: "Space bags!"

Yeah.  Those things.  You shove a hundred blankets into one, hit it with a vacuum cleaner and Presto it stuff is now flat as a Flounder.

Tennessee State Line

We picked up a selection of Space-Bags at the local Bed Bath and Beyond, in, obviously, the "Beyond" section, because Space-bags have no place in either your bedroom or bathroom.

After a little trial and error, we dialed in on the most useable size Space-Bags, stopped at the local Home Depot for a pint-sized Shop-Vac and this is what happened:

Now, I'm a neat freak.  I don't have a problem with neatness, I have a problem with messes.  And these Space-Bags are like neat-freak crack.  I'm buying stock in the ZipLoc company.

We took a break from the folding slog and went for a beer.  When we came back, almost all the rest of the unfolded shirts had been tidily folded!  When we walked into the room, this is what we saw:

Captain Maverick in Cobbler's Elf mode

Captain Maverick helping by folding t-shirts

Captain Maverick in full-on Retail Mode
After we got all the t-shirts safely Space-Bagged, vac'd-out and stowed in the Tour Truckster, I hit the local Pac-N-Ship for a poster box.  The Lady there had one that was the exact size I needed.  800 posters in a cardboard box weighs about 200 pounds.  It was a chore lifting it into the back seat - but I did it, in a no uncertain profanity laced effort.

T-Shirts folded and ready for vac-ing
After that it was email time.  My inbox has gone bat-do-do because of all the press lately, especially the Sports Illustrated interview.

T-shirts tidily packed

Every stack marked with its size

Then it was end of day beer time.  We are back on the road tomorrow noon for a 500 mile day.  We will hit Philly on Thursday to wash of the road grime and get ready for a full day of press.

Floor to ceiling, kind of like 50 airbags, so, we're safe

Yeah, just waiting for a State Trooper to ticket me because I can't see out the back

Check back tomorrow for Tour day 4.

End of day beer, Fallon IPA



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