Friday, September 26, 2014


Update on the publishing of my book...

Dear Reader,

After many editorial sessions and a bunch of last minute printer issues, my newest book, THE KING OF PACOIMA, is now available!

A small clarification: the paperback print files are now in the last stages of "CreateSpace detailing..." meaning the paperback version will be available, on its own page, on Amazon in 3 to 5 days.  The Kindle version will be UP and LIVE and AVAILABLE in about 12 hours.

These two versions will be "linked" shortly thereafter on the same Amazon page, and this is important because I signed up for KDP Select (meaning the eBook version is exclusively a Kindle version), Amazon's "Matchbook" program (meaning if you buy the paperback, you can simultaneously purchase the Kindle eBook for a steep discount) and also made the book available on Amazon Prime's Unlimited library program.

To explain the differences:  the images in the paperback (because of printing costs) are necessarily greyscale (black and white to us old schoolers) but look great nonetheless, the images in the  eBook are full color.  If you are an iBook person, now worries, because frankly the Kindle eBook version looks better in KINDLE for Ipad, iPhone, Mac...  Here's a link to download the Kindle App for free:

The book is also available, RIGHT NOW (in case you just can't wait any longer...) on my CreateSpace eStore.  Here's the link:

I would be very grateful if, when and if you purchase the book, and if you like it, and more importantly if you find it moves you emotionally.... if you would (when the Amazon page is UP and LIVE in 3 to 5 days) leave a positive review.

Thanks as always and check back soon for updates.  And PLEASE SIGN UP TO FOLLOW THIS BLOG -- I use this as my primary "portal" to get news out about my book and movies and everything else that might interest you...




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