Friday, May 4, 2012

World's best leashes and gear for your dog!
 Dear Reader,

I am not in the habit of endorsing anyone or anything, but when I find a product that is top quality, does what the manufacturer claims it does, and just flat out "works" then I have to pass it along.

Maverick on watch at the beach

I just received the gear that I ordered for Maverick, my GSD, from Xtreme Pet Products and it is nothing less than outstanding.  The world's best leashes, harnesses and gear for your dog.  So visit their site and buy their gear -- I promise you will not be disappointed.

Xtreme Pet Products

Here's the testimonial I wrote for them:

"I just received my extreme security leash with the added stretch section.  I first saw these at the Los Angeles County Fair where Xtreme Pet Products had a booth.  I didn't have a dog at the time, but admired the top quality construction and top level materials used in making their leashes (and everything else for that matter), and wanted to buy one anyway!  I saved their card for four years.  I'm glad I did.  It's simply the best leash in
the world.  My 2 year old pure bred German Shepherd Dog loves it, and the slight recoil through the stretch section has eliminated his minor "pulling problem" (he's a well trained, but enthusiastic boy) -- he feels the back-pull, and instantly stops pulling.  I'll be buying from Xtreme Pet Products again.


David Mickey Evans
(Writer/Director/Narrator - The Sandlot)"

Thanks for reading and check back soon,

P.S. if you have one of those little plastic spool reel "leashes" that reels and un-reels as your dog comes and goes, take it over to your trash can and toss it in there -- that's not a leash it's a "Popeil Pocket Fisherman."  Just like in the late 70's when the skateboard crazy hit and Orthopedic Surgeons got rich setting broken bones, Veteranarians are sounding the alarm about those things -- seems there's been a ridiculous increase in dogs getting hit by cars and bikes because there's no control over the animal when it decides to bolt -- like a hooked fish on a reel with the drag set way too loose.  That is, of course if you haven't trained your dog, and if you haven't, why?  Don't Blame. Train.  Buy a real leash.  Buy it from Xtreme Pet Products. ;)