January/February 2014

What I'm currently working on:

7000 ISLANDS, a script  to which I am particularly attached.   A beautiful period piece (late 1940's/early 1950's) dealing with family and over-arching American themes.  Screenwriter Gary White (introduced to me by long-time friend, writer Vince McKewin)  has written something timeless.  I am actively seeking financing for this project.

THE HAOLE SUBSTITUTE, a screenplay based on the book by Walt Novak, which I co-wrote with Michael Schiffer.  I have a huge announcement about this project coming next week.  Here's a link to the book on Amazon:

HEMINGWAY'S HERO, an original screenplay that me and my writing partner Paul Jaconi-Biery wrote as a vehicle for my friend Peter Fonda to star in.  It is completed and we have a foreign sales company on board.

INTENSIVE CARE, a Samuel Goldwyn-Award winning drama, written by Lawrence Hughes Stern.  We're out to several A-list actresses now.

THE ODYSSEY OF EDWARD MORRELL , a screenplay written with my writing partner Paul Jaconi-Biery (a project I have been working on with producer/friend Tom Dellaira for 23 years).  Here's the logline:

Based on a true story and told as a first-person reminiscence by an aging Edward Morrell, the first and last man in the United States ever sentenced to life in solitary confinement, with no chance to be let out of his cell - recounts his astonishing odyssey to a skeptical newspaperman in 1946.

MIRACLE AT PALMER HOME, a screenplay written with writing partner Paul Jaconi-Biery, inspired by the good works of The Palmer Home For Children in Columbus, Mississippi.  A christmas story.  Here's a link to the organizations homepage.  Donate, it's a beautiful place and you'll be glad you did: