Wednesday, August 13, 2014


My new book... 

Dear Reader,

As I close in on 150,000 page views on this blog, I am just about finished with the last editorial pass through my book, The King of Pacoima.  This is a big deal for a couple reasons, none the least of which is a decision I need to make for this First Edition.  And this is where you come in...

As I look back through the most popular posts I've written in the past few years, by far the most popular is "What Happened to Bobby at the end of Radio Flyer?"  That post alone accounts for maybe 60 percent of my blog page views; clearly there is huge interest in knowing the answer to that question. 

Although the book answers that question (and in case you didn't know, this is the book upon which I based the script for the film Radio Flyer) beyond the shadow of a doubt, years ago I did a particularly in depth interview about the film with journalist Stephen Greenfield.  It covers a lot of territory that is specific to the film, and a little about the story itself - from the book I mean, not the story as it ended up in the film.

The decision I need to make is do I include the interview at the end of the book, or not?  I've no doubt that it will be of interest to many readers, but I'd like the book to stand on its own - which it certainly does - exclusive of any comparison to the film.

Here's a link to the article I posted on this blog:

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Thanks in advance and here's a taste of some of the artwork from the book:

The paintings are by my artist friend Arlan Jewell.

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