Saturday, October 13, 2012


Dear Reader,

I'm heading to AutoZone Park in Memphis Tennessee (home of the Memphis Red Birds) on October 19th for the next Sandlot event.

This one should be big (now that my friends at 20th Century FOX are onboard), and I'm really looking forward to watching the audience watch the movie; it never gets old that, watching the fans enjoy the film, and I still get the same overwhelming sense of satisfaction I did when, on the night of the movie's original release I visited as many theaters as I could just to linger in the back row and see if the audience was enjoying the film.

They were.  And, thankfully, they still are.

The Sandlot has been called "The Greatest Baseball Movie Ever Made," and "The Best Summer Movie of All Time."  I'm certainly not going to argue with accolades like those and since fans keep telling me that over and over, I accept it gratefully.

I've made-up three commemorative posters (movie size at 28" X 35", and mini at 9" X 11") and posted the images here.  These will be for sale (signed, of course) at the event in addition to t-shirts with the same poster image on the back, and the famous piece of dialogue from the film, "You're killin' me, Smalls!" on the front.  Here's what they look like:

I hope you think they're as cool as I do!  If there are any left after next Friday's event I'll see about offering them for sale here, so stay tuned -- and if you think you might want to purchase a poster or t-shirt drop me an email at

Thanks for reading and check back soon -- I'll have a big post coming after the event on the 19th -- and, obviously, if you are anywhere near the Memphis, TN area please come to the screening at AutoZone Park, a huge portion of the proceeds are going to support great local charities.

Best Regards,