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When I read something I truly find worthwhile I recommend it, and when it happens to be written by a writer friend, then I wholeheartedly recommend it.

This is one of those instances.

This book should be in every library and on every school reading list in North America.  So pass it along, especially to your Librarian, Teacher, and influential Book-Reviewer friends.

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Here's a very cool little article that tracks the original cast members of The Sandlot from back then until today.

New post and more information about The 20th Anniversary Sandlot Tour coming.  Stay tuned.

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See the Kids From ‘The Sandlot’ Then And Now

The Sandlot
20th Century Fox
In his review of ‘The Sandlot,’ Roger Ebert called the 1993 comedy “the summertime version of ‘A Christmas Story.’  The venerable critic is certainly onto something there, as both movies take nostalgic looks back at more innocent times and each rely heavily on the talents of its child actor cast.
When ‘The Sandlot’ ends, we learn exactly what happen to each of the nine players who made up the rag-tag team. But whatever happened to the actors who played the Sandlot nine?
We have that information below. So keep reading to learn what really became of the kids of ‘The Sandlot.’

Tom Guiry, Scotty Smalls

Tom Guiry
20th Century Fox/Bryan Bedder, Getty Images
Then: In ‘The Sandlot,’ Tom Guiry played protagonist and narrator Scotty Smalls, who slowly gains acceptance in his new Southern California hometown by playing baseball with the other neighborhood kids. The film was the-then 11-year-old from New Jersey’s big screendebut. For his next film, a year later, Guiry starred in the ’90s update of ‘Lassie.’
Now: While you might not recognize Guiry’s name, you’ve likely continued to see his face. He’s been acting ever since ‘The Sandlot’ wrapped and has popped up in movies such as ‘Black Hawk Down’ and ‘Mystic River.’ Guiry also played one of the title characters in the TV drama ‘The Black Donnelleys.’

Mike Vitar, Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez

Mike Vitar
20th Century Fox/LAFD
Then: Vitar’s character Benny “The Jet” Rodriquez was the oldest and by far the best baseball player of the ‘Sandlot’ bunch. He also acted as Smalls’ protector when the other kids mocked him for his lack of skill. Rodriguez was Vitar’s biggest role as a child actor, but you may also remember him from another ’90s sports movie franchise — Vitar played Luis Mendoza in the second and third installment of Disney’s ‘The Mighty Ducks.’
Now: In ‘Sandlot,’ Vitar’s character takes his baseball skills all the way to the big leagues and the Los Angeles Dodgers. In real life,Vitar also stayed in Los Angeles. But he chose a nobler — if less well-paid — profession: the 33-year-old has been a firefighter for the LAFD since 2002.

Patrick Renna, Hamilton “Ham” Porter

Patick Renna
20th Century Fox/Frazer Harrison Getty Images
Then: ‘Sandlot’ was the first substantial acting role for Patrick Renna, and his Hamilton “Ham” Porter character has long been a favorite of fans of the film. With his unique look, Renna became one of the more recognizable child actors of the mid-nineties, starring as pesky kids in the movies ‘Son in Law’ and ‘The Big Green,’ as well as making guest appearances on TV shows such as ‘Boy Meets World.’
Now: Renna continues to act and also does voiceover work. Perhaps his most prominent role as an adult actor was as the recurring character Warren Peters on ‘Boston Legal.’

Chauncey Leopardi, Michael “Squints” Palledorous

Chauncey Leopardi
20th Century Fox/Facebook
Then: By the time Leopardi played the wisecracking Michael “Squints” Palledorous in ‘The Sandlot’ he already had quite a few acting credits under his belt. The then-12-year old had appeared in ‘Father of the Bride’ and a bunch of TV shows, including ‘The Commish’ and ‘Evening Shade.’
Now: Leopardi had two substantial and very different from each other TV roles as an adult, playing the bully who terrorized the titular geeks on ‘Freaks and Geeks’ and the geeky Kyle on ‘Gilmore Girls.’ His last credit, however, is as Squints in 2007’s straight-to-DVD reunion flick ‘The Sandlot: Heading Home.’ Leopardi also maintains an active presence on Twitter, where he tweets under the name of his memorable ‘Sandlot’ character.

Brandon Quintin Adams, Kenny DeNunez

Brandon Quintin Adams
20th Century Fox/Facebook
Then: By the time Brandon Quintin Adams was cast as pitcher Kenny DeNunez in ‘The Sandlot,’ he was already a showbiz vet. The Topeka, Kansas native’s acting debut was in the 1988 Michael Jackson film ‘Moonwalker’ and he had been featured in ‘A Different World,’ ‘Empty Nest’ and ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.’ Like ‘Sandlot’ teammate Mike Vitar, Adams also showed off his hockey skills, appearing as Jesse Hall in ‘The Mighty Ducks’ and the sequel ‘D2: The Mighty Ducks.’
Now: After a good run in ’90s, Adams’s acting credits have become few and far between. But Adams himself reportshe’s been keeping himself busy in the “background” of the entertainment industry. (Gamers will recognize his work as the voice of Raijin in ‘Kingdom Hearts II.’) He’s also an aspiring rapper, and released the mixtape ‘B. Lee in H.D’ in 2009.

Marty York, Alan “Yeah-Yeah” McClennan

Marty York
20th Century Fox/Myspace
Then: Marty York played Alan “Yeah-Yeah” McClennan, who had a habit of beginning his sentences with his double affirmative nickname. Following his acting debut in ‘The Sandlot,’ York made appearances ‘Saved by the Bell’ and ‘Boy Meets World.’
Now: While York did star in the 2011 indie comedy ‘The Brothers Sinclair’ — his first feature film since ‘The Sandlot’ — his most notable recent activity is a MySpace page in which he flashes the type of ‘Jersey Shore’ poses that would make even The Situation blush. It was also reported that he was arrested for domestic assault in 2009 and used said MySpace page to raise funds from ‘Sandlot’ fans for his legal defense.

Grant Gelt, Bertram Grover Weeks

Grant Gelt
20th Century Fox/Facebook
Then: Grant Gelt played second baseman Bertram Grover Weeks who, despite his somewhat dorky looks, was the team’s tobacco-chewing, counter-culture loving rebel. ‘The Sandlot’ came in the middle of fairly busy career for Gelt. Among his other credits were movies like the Steven Seagal classic ‘Marked for Death’ and TV shows such as ‘Boy Meets World,’ ‘Life Goes On’ and ‘Northern Exposure.’
Now: Gelt stopped acting by 1999, but is still very much in showbiz. After high school Gelt decided that he wanted to managed rock bands, and these days the 32-year-old has a management company which works with Velvet Hammer, Mudvayne, System of a Down, Deftones and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. We think Bertram would be proud.

Shane Obedzinski, Tommy “Repeat” Timmons

20th Century Fox/Myspace
Then: Shane Obedzinski was 10-years-old when he portrayed Tommy Timmons, the youngest and smallest player on the ‘Sandlot’ roster. Before that he had had a few minor movie roles, such as “bleeding kid” in the John Goodman film ‘Matinee.’
Now: ‘Sandlot’ was the end of Obedzinski’s acting career and not much information is known about the now 30-year-old.  A Myspace account which may have once held clues still exists but Obedzinski recently removed all of the details from it.

Victor DiMattia, Timmy Timmons

Victor Diamatti
20th Century Fox/Vimeo
Then: Victor DiMattia played Timmy Timmons, older brother to Tommy and a big  fan of the Yankees. DiMattia had worked regularly as an actor since he was five, appearing on shows such as ‘Punky Brewster,’ ‘Married With Children’ and ‘Evening Shade.’ You may also remember him from the Tom Hank’s film ‘Turner and Hooch’ and the so-bad-it’s-awful Vanilla Ice vehicle ‘Cool as Ice.’
Now: Much like his fictional brother, not much is known about Dimattia these days. (He did write, direct and star in a short zombie film called ‘Dinkins,’ which you can see photos from here and here.) 

Marley Shelton, Wendy Peffercorn

Marley Shelton
20th Century Fox/David Livingston Getty Images
Then: Marley Shelton played lifeguard and ideal Southern California beauty Wendy Peffercorn. Shelton had made her film debut two years earlier in the drama ‘Grand Canyon.’
Now: Shelton played prominent roles in movies like ‘Pleasantville,’ ‘Sugar & Spice’ and ‘Uptown Girls.’ and is arguably the most famous of the ‘Sandlot’ bunch today. She continues to do movie and TV work — most recently appearing in an episode of ‘Harry’s Law’ — and still looks every bit the California girl at age 38.