Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Dear Reader,

With my business stuff concluded for "The 20th Anniversary Sandlot Tour," I am opening the flood-gates of sponsorship/advertising opportunities.  I'm looking for both purchased and in-kind sponsorship. Here's what any potential sponsor/advertiser will be getting:

1. Become “An” or “The” (depending on sponsorship value) Official Sponsor of David Mickey Evans on “The 20th Anniversary Sandlot Tour.”

2. Sponsor’s logo prominently displayed on both sides of the RV above and/or around the official 20th Anniversary Sandlot Tour artwork.

3. At least 19,000 miles of public travel advertising exposure.

4. Logo exposure on banners on my merchandise booth-skirt and pop-up awning at every event.

5. Exposure to all the families and fans who will attend the screenings at the baseball stadiums around the country - the RV will be parked directly at the entrance/exit of each venue (on display) the day before and the day of the event.

6. The value of being associated with “The Greatest Baseball Movie Ever Made!” and “The Best Summer Movie of All Time!” A timeless, family classic film that is well into its second generation of fans.

7. The value of being associated with the “20th Anniversary Celebration of The Sandlot”, with all of its attendant press, promotion, and exposure all over the country at 20 events, for approximately 6 full months. This tour is only going to happen once.

Here's a partial list of what I am looking for:

- A Class A RV (e.g. Winnebago Tour, Winnebago Journey, Winnebago Adventurer, Itasca Ellispse, or equivalent coach) - and -

- A “dingy” tow vehicle (Honda Pilot, Jeep Wrangler Unlimited or equivalent vehicle) to act as a shuttle car at all stops on the tour - or -

- A FORD F-450 diesel truck (or Chevy or Dodge equivalent) and toy hauler type fifth wheel, or travel trailer

- Fuels costs covered for the length of the tour

- Apple products: MacBook Pro's, iPads, iMac's

- Canon Products: C-500 cameras, 1DX cameras, 5D MK3 camera, lens package (I'm shooting a documentary of the tour)

-  Merchandise costs covered; posters, hats, t-shirts, scripts, etc... (approx. $40,000)

-  All general travel and necessary gear/supplies costs covered (approx. $25,000)

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Dear Reader,

Just a quick note to let you know that in anticipation of "The 20th Anniversary Sandlot Tour," I joined TWITTER! Follow me at:

David Mickey Evans@DMESandlot. 

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