Saturday, April 2, 2011

Dear Reader,

Another thing I've decided to do, after years of being asked to do so, is work out a speaking tour type thing.  I don't know what this will eventually amount to yet (possibly enormous embarrassment!) but I think it will probably start with be built around showing my film THE SANDLOT and talking for an hour or two after the screening.  I've heard of and seen countless numbers of "after game" screenings at little league fields, parks and community centers around the country.  And I've been asked a million times to come talk about the film.  And while I certainly have a whole helluva lot more to talk about than THE SANDLOT, I'm finally convinced it would be both a good thing to try and probably a ton of fun.  So I'll be adding a menu heading called something like "DME SPEAKING" -- or something like that -- at the top of the page with contact and booking info.  It might even evolve into something of a comparison type seminar between three of the baseball oriented movies I've made, THE SANDLOT, THE SANDLOT 2 and THE FINAL SEASON.  My personal goal here would be to "make it to the bigs," and get to do this at a MLB stadium after a game with the films showing on a mega screen in the outfield and everyone watching from the field itself in lawn chairs.  Now that would be freakin' great...

Oh, and in case your wondering what that photo I'm using as background for my main page is, I posted it above. It was taken by Stacey McGillis, my stills photographer girlfriend, on location on the last picture we did in Iowa, SMITTY.

Thanks for reading and check back soon.


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